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Unforgettable vacation in Tunisia
Changes in the life of a country or on the world stage always raise some concerns and invariably entail something new. This is how Russia at the end of the…

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Sri Lanka - the island of elephants, tea and Buddhism
The island of Sri Lanka is rightly called the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Even in ancient times, the Greek sailors, admiring indescribable beauty, called it “Taprobana”, which means “country…

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Massage in Thailand. How not to run into hack
Massage has long been loved and honored by almost all the inhabitants of the globe.  One type of massage relaxes that in conditions of constant stress, work, everyday problems, etc.,…

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Holidays in Vietnam

Vietnam is a very diverse country with a developing economy, which it will be interesting to visit both investors and the ordinary tourist, whom Vietnam will amaze with its ancient culture, exoticism and sights.

Vietnam is located on the Indochina Peninsula, in Southeast Asia. The country is located on the coast of the South China Sea, most of the territory is occupied by mountains, islands, and also two archipelagoes – Chyongsha and Hoangsha. About eighty million people live in Vietnam, most of them Vietnamese. In the country, Vietnamese is the official language, but the local population also speaks French, English and Russian.Religion is Buddhism, it is professed by a large part of the population of Vietnam, however there are both Christians and Muslims here.

The capital of Vietnam – Hanoi, which translated from Vietnamese means “surrounded by a river”, and the city is located just on the banks of the Red River. It became the capital in 1010 thanks to the emperor Li Thai To, who transferred the capital here from the city of Dail. Today, Hanoi is a major city with a population of over four million. Continue reading

Mysterious country of fairy tales – India

One of the most amazing and unusual countries in the world is India! It is striking in its beauty and makes a good impression on tourists. And the memories remain unforgettable for a long time.

India is a country of bright colors in every sense of the word. The population in bright clothes, original culture, beautiful women, smells of spices and seasonings remain in memory for a lifetime.

One has only to go there once, and life will change for the better. The yogis and healers of India can greatly help in this. India is not a poor country, and at the same time it is not rich. This is the place where poverty and wealth, tranquility and chaos, legends and reality are combined. Many tourists come to India to have some fun, but they plunge into the lonely world of peace and holiness, innocence. Someone can find himself in the depths of his soul. This country is changing the mind of man and the general outlook on life. Continue reading

Wedding celebrations in the cities of legends

Wedding is one of the most important events in our life. Naturally, we want the wedding day, the birthday of the new family to be special. And it is possible.

Today, the couple themselves can choose how, and most importantly, where they will say to each other “Yes!”. By the way, if we talk about the venue of the wedding celebration: young couples are increasingly preferring foreign resorts, cities, legends. Well, let’s begin our journey.

Paris for more than one century is the proud title of the city of lovers. This is really the perfect place to seal the union of two hearts here. Louvre, Luxembourg Garden, Rodin Museum – the spirit of France you will feel with every cell of your body. Wedding tour to Paris will remain in your memory a vivid memory that will warm you all your life. Continue reading

Rest in the resorts of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an island nation. It is located on the island of Haiti and occupies more than half of its territory. In the south of the Dominican Republic is washed by the warm waves of the Caribbean Sea, and in the north – by the Atlantic Ocean.

Almost all tourists who visited this country consider it an exotic paradise. And it is not surprising, because the Dominican Republic is the cradle of fiery dance rhythms, a magnificent example of Latin American culture.

This country has an ancient history and unique architecture. The entire coast of the republic is one continuous beach. Warm clean water, white sand and high-quality service – all this can be found at any resort in this country. However, this, perhaps, the similarity of resorts ends. Let’s consider what else a tourist can see when visiting the resorts of the Dominican Republic. Continue reading

On safari to Crimea

The word “safari” in the absolute majority of people is associated with hot Africa and the hunt for large animals. However, this is correct, because the word “safari” of Arabic origin and its meaning is precisely “hunting.” However, recently the meaning of this word has changed and now under safari understand quite peaceful and relatively inexpensive excursions into the wild, where you can admire the predators and take pictures of animals in their natural habitat.

However, the epithet “relatively inexpensive” is not quite appropriate. Not every family with children can afford to travel to African countries.And it’s not just about the money. Visas, long-haul flights, vaccinations against exotic viruses, a tropical climate – all this makes you wonder about whether you need to carry children to such a distance.

But! Attention! To see lions and tigers not in cages, but in their natural habitat, now you don’t need to go to distant Africa. You can simply visit the park of lions “Taigan”, which recently opened in the Crimea. Continue reading

Mysterious country of fairy tales - India
One of the most amazing and unusual countries in the world is India! It is striking in its beauty and makes a good impression on tourists. And the memories remain…


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