This is real

Chernobyl want to turn into a tourist paradise. This is real?
This is almost a direct speech of the newly elected President of Ukraine, who officially declared his desire to turn the gloomy monument of a technological catastrophe into the most…

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Turkey lights the lights
More and more Russians in recent years prefer to relax in Turkey. The Turkish coast beckons them with unbreakable force. Why? In our opinion, the “fault” is at once several…

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Holidays in Vietnam
Vietnam is a very diverse country with a developing economy, which it will be interesting to visit both investors and the ordinary tourist, whom Vietnam will amaze with its ancient…

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Cyprus Rental Property

Foreign citizens who are not residents of the Republic of Cyprus do not have the right to directly rent their house, but they can do it using the services of an intermediary who has the right to do so. In order not to bring themselves unnecessary worries, foreign homeowners use the services of real estate firms. If the property is purchased using a mortgage and at the same time the loan size is more than 50% of the price of the property, then you should provide income other than rent, it is wrong to rely solely on rental income, because periods of instability are possible. It is necessary to rent a villa or an apartment without violating the law: the rental income must be entered into the income declaration, and you must pay tax from this money. We must decide how to rent housing: for a holiday or for a long time. Continue reading

Tourist Thailand. Pattaya

Pattaya is an amazingly beautiful place and architectural embodiment. An uncountable number of secluded tourist corners, advertised attractions and truly cultural monuments.

One of the greenest and “fresh” places of this resort city is the tropical park Nong Nooch. Its second name sounds like “Orchid Garden”. In this wonderful park, you can not only enjoy the innumerable variety of orchid species, palm trees, cacti, but also become a witness of an exciting and fun show with elephants, visit the aviaries with tropical birds.

When you breathe plenty of fresh and clean air in the park, do not miss the opportunity to visit a real snake farm. In dangerous and supposedly hypnotized air, the distance between poisonous, swift cobras and their tamers does not exceed twenty centimeters. Continue reading

In the centre of Europe

By the number of monuments listed in the UNESCO organization, the Czech Republic occupies one of the first places in the world. The collection of so many attractions on such a small territory as the Czech Republic is unique even for a European state. There are 12 objects of cultural heritage of UNESCO, and, among them, the historical centers of Prague, Cesky Krumlov and Kutna Hory.

Prague Castle – the fortress of the city of Prague, the center of the capital, the administrative district of the city, the largest presidential residence in the world in the world, perhaps also the largest castle in the world. Located in Hradcany on a high hill, towering over Prague. Continue reading

To the museum – by boat!

And why, interestingly, not by bus, tram or car? And all because in this amazing European city, passengers from the number of local residents and numerous groups of tourists carry only river buses. You can, of course, take advantage of the river taxi, but a trip on it will cost many times more! It is better to give preference to the historical mode of transport – a multimeter black boat. It is called the gondola and serves mainly foreign tourists. While walking on it, you can admire not only many sights of the city, but also float along the winding and even narrow streets, see bridges that seem to just float in the air. By just the name of the boat, you can guess that we are talking about Venice. Continue reading

Tours in Khuvaylat, UAE

UAE for many years, holding primacy among the most elite resorts. It is known that if a person is looking for unusual tours, the UAE meets this criterion one hundred percent. And this is no accident, because the UAE is one of the most expensive countries in the world.

Despite the fact that most of the country is desert and mountains, what is offered here for recreation is impressive.A combination of colorful East and Western comfort gives the country a unique atmosphere.

The United Arab Emirates is a small country, resembling Portugal in size (which, by the way, had its own role in the history of the Emirates). Despite its small size, the country consists of 7 emirates, each of which is interesting. In terms of tourism, the Emirates began to attract attention only recently. A few decades ago, where the famous skyscrapers and hotels now stand, fishing villages huddled together. Continue reading

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