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Why it is better not to go on holiday in the UAE
People come here not only to soak up the coast (the state stretches along the Persian Gulf), but also to see first-hand its main sights: Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Mosque,…

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"New" Paris: little-known tourist places where to go with children
The capital of France is unique in that it is always able to surprise both the inexperienced and experienced traveler. Going to Paris for the first time, you are invited…

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Walk through Vietnam
For modern tourists, the countries of the East and Asia are very attractive, since they are hardly known. Interesting buildings make fantasy run wild. Vietnam is a vivid example, there…

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Rest More – Live Longer

In society, you can often meet people for whom work is most important. For them, scientists from America introduced a special term – “absence of leave syndrome”. This is not an allegation, medical studies were conducted, the results of which should be known to every employee and his boss.

Those who consider rest to be a waste of time should know that their body’s tendency to develop such a disease as cancer increases significantly. A stroke is the second disease that threatens those who do not like to rest.Only three weeks of rest per year will correct the situation and reduce the likelihood of premature death by twenty percent. But remember, rest must be right. Simply put, the right rest is the one after which you do not need to rest. There are several strong recommendations for proper rest. Continue reading

Israel Travel News

In February 2013, the Israeli authorities significantly simplified and accelerated the entry procedure. The new system works successfully and concerns not only the entering tourists, but also the citizens of Israel.

The essence of the innovation is that now when crossing the border, instead of the entrance stamp in the passport you get a special coupon.An employee of the Israeli Migration Service scans your passport, reading the data: photo, first name, last name, passport number, date and time of entry into the country. All information is transferred to the voucher. But that’s not all. Each coupon has a unique barcode in which your personal data is encrypted, as well as information that is important for the migration service, for example, violations, such as unpaid fines or fixed illegal activities. Continue reading

Tours to Thailand. What to do in Bangkok

Anyone who decides to visit Bangkok during his stay in Thailand can be sure that he will not be disappointed. The first thing that catches the eye, or rather, annoying smell receptors is the riot of odors. All sorts of aromas accompany everywhere, chasing literally on the heels, and after only a couple of hours a bouquet of fragrances from fried fish, nuts and dried squid does not seem so dumbfounded.

If you do not take into account all the “incense”, beating in the nose of an untrained traveler, then you need to recognize the fact that Bangkok is really fascinating. Not every country can boast with such a myriad of impressive sights, which is probably why the feedback from tourists is so eloquent. Many compare Bangkok with Singapore and Shanghai, seeing in it a cross between these Asian megalopolises. Indeed this is so. Singapore’s style, seasoned with the cosmopolitan Shanghai – and now you have Bangkok in all its glory. Continue reading

Exotic Dominicana

Travel companies today delight their customers with a variety of tours around the world. And one of the most popular destinations today is solar Dominican Republic.

Fans of thrills, unforgettable impressions and lovers of exotic nature should be advised to go to one of the most beautiful cities of the Dominican Republic – Juan Dolio.This is one of the most famous and popular resorts of the republic, which is located in a beautiful and cozy lagoon, protected from all sides by coral reefs. In Juan Dolio, you will find numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, great weather, numerous white sand beaches and all kinds of water sports. Continue reading

Prepare your car for travel

To travel by car without any surprises, you should check the condition of the car components and additional equipment, which has different specifications in different European countries, before departure. Don’t forget about tires that are critical to safety and comfort. Long trips at high and low temperatures, with family and luggage, should be, above all, safe.

A first aid kit is required in almost every European country. Before the start of the trip, you should check its contents. Also, you should have reflective vests that should match the number of passengers, or at least for adults, and place them in the car, not in the trunk. Continue reading

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