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Ten amazing sights of Mexico

Mexico is a very colorful country, which is located in North America. It combines a relaxing beach holiday, unusual mysterious excursions and a vibrant nightlife. If you happen to visit the resorts of Mexico, be sure to visit at least some of its attractions.

This is a sacred village located on the Yucatan Peninsula, in which the ancient Mayan people lived. The settlement was founded around the 6th century BC. Chichen Itza is considered the best preserved Mayan city, so it is so popular. The most famous structure of the city is the temple of the god Kukulkan, a pyramid 30 meters high. Four staircases lead to the top of the pyramid (where the sacrifices took place), the number of stairs steps equals the number of days per year. Also well-known buildings of the settlement are the Well of Death, the Temple of Jaguars, the Temple of Warriors, the Palace of the Nuns and others. The city was destroyed in the XII century by the Indian ruler Hunak Keel.

In Mexico, a huge number of beautiful waterfalls. The highest is Basaseachi with a height of 246 m. ​​Two more amazing waterfalls – Misol-Ha (with an unusual cave under it) and Agua Azul – are located close to each other, in the state of Chiapas. Waterfall “Christmas Tree” – a very popular tourist destination. The rock below it has an unusual shape, similar to the branches of spruce, besides it is overgrown with moss and therefore has a green color.

It is located in Chihuahua. This is a natural wonder of the mainland. You can get there only by train from Mexico City, the journey is quite long – 655 km. The depth of the canyon reaches 1.5 km. In some places it is deeper than the famous Grand Canyon of the United States, and is four times larger than it. In the canyon are the highest waterfalls of Mexico. The thermal springs, which are located here, are very popular. In winter, snow lies on the slopes of the canyon, and trees grow green in the gorge. This is due to a large temperature difference. Copper Canyon is a national park.

The palace is striking in its luxury, it is considered a symbol of Mexico City. In addition to opera and ballet performances, there are many exhibitions. Next door are the Museum of Architecture and the National Museum. The building is made of Carrara marble. Construction lasted a long 30 years.

This is the largest of these museums in the world, it is located near the island of Mujeres in the Caribbean, at a depth of about 10 m. The idea to create it belongs to the English sculptor Jason Taylor. The museum was founded in 2009 and has more than 400 exhibits. The project budget amounted to about 400 thousand dollars. Unique exposure will not leave anyone indifferent and give visitors a lot of emotions.

This is a natural amusement park with a zoo and a botanical garden, waterfalls and underground rivers, caves, bright evening shows (for example, dance and horse shows, acrobatic performances, Mayan rites and others). The territory of the unique park is huge, it is unreal to bypass it in one day. Here you can also visit the buffet restaurant, which is included in the ticket price. Opened natural park in 1990. In Shkaret collected attractions of the whole country, ancient history, archaeological heritage combined with a variety of flora and fauna.

These ancient settlements are located near Cancun. Unusual pyramids, wells, temples, places for sacrifices – here you will find many interesting things. By the way, in each city there is a field for ball games, which the ancient peoples had a ritual meaning: the losers were sacrificed. Tulum is the only Mayan city with a beach.

This is a network of caves with a total area of ​​2,700 hectares located on the Usumacinta River. The age of the grottoes is several million years. Of the 90 caves, only 20 have been studied, their average width is 40 meters, and their height is up to 80 meters. Multicolored lights illuminate unusually beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. Extreme sports can go rock climbing here, and lovers of quiet relaxation can listen to live music in the Concert Hall. Cacauamilpa Grottoes are the largest cave system in the world.

It is located in the Caribbean. The island was named by the Spanish navigators in 1517, since they found many statues of women here. It turned out that these are the statues of the Goddess of the Moon and the rainbow, which the people of this island worshiped at the time during the Mayan civilization. The island combines endless sandy beaches, a variety of flora and fauna, the heritage of ancient civilizations, as well as modern art monuments, entertainment for every taste and budget.

There are extraordinarily beautiful thermal springs in Ierwe el Agua. Perhaps the path to them is not easy, but it is worth it. This place is also called the frozen waterfalls. The water in these springs is healing, rich in minerals. Swimming here, at the same time enjoying the mountain scenery around, is sheer pleasure and, besides, the body is getting better.

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Ten amazing sights of Mexico
Mexico is a very colorful country, which is located in North America. It combines a relaxing beach holiday, unusual mysterious excursions and a vibrant nightlife. If you happen to visit…


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