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Massage in Thailand. How not to run into hack

Massage has long been loved and honored by almost all the inhabitants of the globe.  One type of massage relaxes that in conditions of constant stress, work, everyday problems, etc., is a magic wand. Another species has healing functions and, with the right approach, is able to bring a welcome improvement to the problem areas of your body.

In this article we will talk about the Thai massage, which has become the hallmark of the country, and few travelers can resist the temptation to try this type of relaxation. It is important not to confuse massage with other types of services that are popular in Thailand.

If you want to get a truly qualified service, then pay attention to a number of subtleties that should be considered when choosing a good masseuse.

The location of the cabin. A good massage is to be found on the main streets of the city, and not in the alleys and unfamiliar places where the foot of an ordinary tourist rarely steps. This also applies to massages on the beach. Every second will tell you that he is fluent in all types of Thai massage. In reality, the Thais simply take a couple of simple lessons and earn extra money, thus, in crowded places. For most people, this is an additional form of income.
Staff. If the massage therapist performs the functions of an administrator, cashier, etc., it is worth the alert. A professional master in a good cabin performs only his direct duties, without exchanging for other side jobs. A small number of staff again suggests that you should not trust a beautiful sign or loud words.
Interior decoration also tells you about the level of the institution. It is important to have a shower in the case of oil massage. A large, beautiful, clean salon with special massage furniture (transformable chairs) will point you to the correctness of your choice.
The presence of private rooms
It is important to know! This type of massage, as Thai, according to all canons is done in a separate room. You should be offered to change into special clothes. If not, then feel free to look for another institution.
If you choose a suitable salon, the second problem you will encounter is the choice of the type of massage.

To know the beauty of Thailand, you need to go on a Thai massage. It should be carried out no more than 2 times a week, as it is quite intense and hard. This type of massage has a positive effect on all organs of the body. Contraindications are varicose veins, various kinds of serious injuries, sprains, especially if they are not completely healed. Be sure to warn the master of the existing health problems.

One of the most favorite types of massages. Very nice and relaxing. He has almost no contraindications. Know that you will be offered to strip naked, so shy advise you to choose a different type of massage. In good salons, masseurs hide bodies under several towels, gradually revealing one or another part of the body that they plan to massage. All this is done for comfort, so that a person feels “at ease”. After the massage you will be offered either to take a shower or wipe with towels.

Tip! It is better not to eat before the procedure. After the massage, a pleasant feeling of hunger appears, which indicates its proper holding.

It is also possible massage with aroma oils. Adding a few drops of oil will significantly affect the cost of the procedure.

Another type of massage is a four-hand massage, when two masseurs work with you right away.

The main emphasis for this type of massage is given to massaging the head. Then go back and arms. Massage is very relaxing. Some even fall asleep during the procedure.

Here, contraindication may be again varicose veins. Before the procedure, your feet will be washed or wiped with a damp towel.

Fans of any devices will appreciate the massage with the use of additional items (stones, bags of herbs, sticks).

A pleasant, non-binding procedure for those who are not afraid of tickling. The process is that you immerse your feet in a container of water, in which there are hundreds of small “hungry massage therapists” who take up your feet.

If you spend your honeymoon in Thailand, then you as anyone will approach the so-called massage for the newlyweds – a joint massage for the couple. Massage takes place in one room on parallel tables.

Thailand is a magnificent country that attracts with its beauty millions of tourists every year. Choosing her for the next trip, plan where you want to go, what you want to try. Just do not throw into the pool with his head. Be careful and do not be fooled!

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