Bali Tours: Visit Paradise Island!
The evergreen Indonesian island of Bali attracts travelers like a magnet. And all thanks to endless summer, warm ocean waters, clean sand and stunning nature. The special equatorial monsoon climate…

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Interesting facts about the Colosseum
The antique building for mass shows - the Colosseum, located at the base of two of the seven heights of the city - the Capitol and the Palatine, is considered…

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Above the roof: 5 fascinating ways to jump into the abyss

For some people, extreme is a trip to another city not in a compartment car, but in a reserved car, and someone does not find a place for himself and thinks to do this? When all the “civilian” entertainment already filled the edge, you need to go higher. In the literal sense of the word.

Perhaps the most extreme sport from the list. But the most affordable – parachute schools are now breeding like mushrooms after rain, so you will not need to go far away to feel like a paratrooper.

Perhaps, while you stand on the ground and look at the sky at the little men under the domes, it will seem to you – “So what’s wrong with that? Any fool can do that! ” But this is only at first glance. When the instructor gallantly prompts you to fall out of the plane, your knees will surely shake. Of course, no one will allow you to jump from three thousand meters, if this is your first time, but even “dummies” of 800-1000 meters with your head will be enough to get your adrenaline rush.

In general, parachuting is fairly safe – modern dome opening mechanisms are automated, so you don’t need to worry that at a critical moment you will forget to “pull the ring”. Rings may not turn out. Pay attention to the parachute slings, which should be flexible, elastic and durable, because it is they who attach the human body to the dome, and they bear the main load.

By the way, if you are afraid to travel from the clouds to the ground under your feet alone, you can come to the airfield and demand a tandem jump with an instructor. This is more expensive, but it’s psychologically easier to sign down for a company with an experienced parachutist.

The outer structure of the paraglider resembles a parachute, but it starts from the ground. More precisely, from a hill or a hill. This is the perfect way to feel like a bird, not much testing your nervous system for strength.

The average flight speed is about 35 km / h, preparation for the launch takes no more than 15 minutes, and there are no special requirements for the pilot’s physical training. True, as in other glider sports, the success of passing the route depends on weather conditions – you should not expect anything good on a foggy or pre-storm day. Clear and windless weather, too, will bring little pleasure. But on a good and moderately windy day, you can fly under a self-inflating wing for several hours in a row, then compactly fold the paraglider into a tourist backpack and go about your business.

If you don’t acquire and build your own design, it’s not part of your plans – call the nearby clubs of paragliders and declare your desire to join their slender ranks. And after 2-3 lessons in the group with an instructor, you can safely be called a novice paraglider, be photographed against the background of multicolored domes and discuss on thematic forums of various equipment manufacturers.

A hang glider
Did you like to fly kites in childhood? And how about trying your hand as a pilot of such a snake? That is, as a “driver” of a hang-glider – a light and durable glider with a triangular (in the form of the Greek letter “delta”) wing, in honor of which it got its name.

As in the previous case, the takeoff and landing occurs from the ground, using only the physical efforts of the pilot. The success of the flight depends on the meteorological conditions, and this sport also does not require special preparation.

What makes hang gliders different from paragliders? First of all, speed. The hang-glider can reach a speed of up to 130 km / h (although the average speed is 75 km / h), while for a soft wing of a paraglider, acceleration of 60 km is already critical – the dome can easily fold and lose control. Due to the rigid construction, hang-gliders are more stable in the air, they gain altitude faster and are resistant to turbulence.

As for safety, it all depends, first of all, on the pilot. If you do not catch at the first lesson for a high-speed glider instead of a training one, do not try to fight the hurricane wind and soberly assess your capabilities, then you will get nothing but pleasure.

Well, a very extreme way to have fun. Beginners, eager to tickle your nerves, here the way is ordered. BASE jumping is skydiving from fixed objects (rocks, houses, bridges), only the most experienced and reckless parachutists can master it.

The danger lies in the fact that the usual jump is made from a solid height, and the opening of the dome occurs somewhere in 600 meters from the ground, in 3-4 seconds. Another 5-7 minutes left for soaring under the dome and admiring the beauty of nature. And in BASE Jumping, the entire flight lasts only 5-6 seconds! In addition, the design does not provide for a safety system and a reserve parachute – there simply is not enough time to open it.

For a successful landing, you need to have a truly steel shutter speed! By the way, if we talk about landing, it takes place not in an open field, but in very limited areas, which increases the risk of serious injury. By the way, Karl Benish, the first “naturalist” of such jumps, died after 5 years of his BASE jumper debut during the development of his next object – a nameless rock in Norway.

The easiest, cheapest and most intuitive way. No designs in the background, no need to learn to maneuver, land, and so on. Nothing at all. Only you and the rope.

The essence of the method is simple – you arrive at the gathering point of the campjumpers, pay money, and they pull the cord, which is tied at one end to you, and the other – to the bridge (a bolt in a rock, a tower, etc.). Then you jump down. Of course, not everything is so rough – the rope is used dynamic, which will save the body from overloading at the climax point of flight, plus you will be wearing a harness system (like climbers). This construction is fastened with durable carbines.

The equipment is very, very reliable – if you wish, you can throw off the Zhiguli from the rock and nothing will happen to them. However, weight restrictions are still there – children who have walked more than 140 kilograms will have to sit on weekends at home. As well as those who are not up to 40. Rope dumping favorably differs from the above entertainment in that it is cheap, does not require certain weather conditions, as well as the ability to control the aircraft and land properly.

From the foregoing, it becomes clear that the most important thing for the safety of all these entertainments is equipment, therefore the parachute and paraglider lines, ropes and cables needed in these sports must meet all requirements. Your life depends on the quality of your equipment. Remember this and do not try to save on your health!

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Bali Tours: Visit Paradise Island!
The evergreen Indonesian island of Bali attracts travelers like a magnet. And all thanks to endless summer, warm ocean waters, clean sand and stunning nature. The special equatorial monsoon climate…