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Water tourism is a sport of bright impressions!

There are not so many leisure activities that would be “three in one”: sports, recreation, and entertainment. And water tourism is a great option to make summer vacation unforgettable.

Water tourism has become widespread in Soviet times due to the numerous rivers and small rivers located in Russia. Nowadays, water tourism as an active form of recreation is gaining popularity again, including among young people.

The reasons for this are many. And it’s worth starting with the fact that water tourism is a serious sport with a multitude of disciplines – here there is rafting, kayaking or kayaking, water slalom and much more.

In addition to sports records and achievements, water sports give health. In most cases, the alloys are held in beautiful and inaccessible corners of nature with clean air, and the water from mountain rivers can often be fearlessly drunk even without boiling.

Plus rowing is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening almost all muscle groups and maintaining the body in good shape. The overall strength endurance rises, rowing has a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system and lungs.

In addition, water sports helps to gain the so-called team spirit. During the passage of the thresholds are very important coordinated actions of all crew members, a clear implementation of the commands of the captain. Not for nothing, for example, in the Urals, business coaches, instead of learning corporate chants and lectures about the company’s mission, simply lead newcomers to the rafting, entrusting them to the care of an experienced instructor. From the rafting before this, fellow soldiers barely known to each other return to the already cohesive team. Vodnik highly appreciates friendship and mutual assistance.

To join the water tourism is not difficult. In Russia, there are enough clubs and sections to practice this sport. Yes, and many travel companies offer water tours for beginners – be it a kayak ride through calm water, say, in Issyk-Kul, or rafting on the rough rapids of the Gorny Altai. An experienced instructor will hold an introductory course, hedge on difficult sections of the route. In a word, there are no more difficulties than with a parachute jump, and there will be a lot of impressions and memories.

Any water trip requires high-quality gear, thorough preparation and the presence of a specific plan of action that must be strictly followed. There are several basic rules that are recommended to be followed when preparing for water travel.

For travel, especially for beginners, you should always use kayaks, boats, rafts with the use of inflatable elements. In any group there should be an experienced leader who knows his business well.

Before starting the route, this should be reported to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, so that in case of unforeseen circumstances, everyone knows where to look for a boat to assist.

You should carefully study the instructions for the assembly of swimming equipment. Loading in the boat should be carried out near the coast. It is necessary to take polyethylene and bags to protect food and clothing from water. All cargo should be tied to the boat. Heavy loads are best placed in the aft compartment.

All participants of water trips should always wear life jackets and, if necessary, protective helmets. In this case, you must take care of equipment in advance. Do not neglect the sunscreen – you can get burned on water twice as fast as when resting on the beach.

You should always sit down and disembark from the swimming pool in shallow water, since at great depths it can simply roll over. Sit in a boat or other swimming means at first should be the head to check its serviceability and the absence of leakage.

And, of course, we should not forget that the first necessity for athletes and amateurs is high-quality rigging, which will be your indispensable and reliable assistant throughout the journey.

We hope that our tips will help you enjoy your holiday and make it unforgettable.

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