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Tourist Thailand. Pattaya
Pattaya is an amazingly beautiful place and architectural embodiment. An uncountable number of secluded tourist corners, advertised attractions and truly cultural monuments. One of the greenest and “fresh” places of…

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Ancient Tallinn
Tallinn is one of the oldest cities in Northern Europe. It is quite miniaturized, but unusually rich in its architectural, historical monuments, parks, squares, original traditions, giving it a unique…

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Tourist Egypt. El gouna
Holidays in Egypt have long been no luxury. Many Russians love this country, its traditions and customs, hospitable resorts, including the resort town of El Gouna - still young, but…

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Why it is better not to go on holiday in the UAE

People come here not only to soak up the coast (the state stretches along the Persian Gulf), but also to see first-hand its main sights: Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and also to visit numerous water parks and amusement parks.

The places are superb, but when going on a tour, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Top reasons to refrain from traveling
The UAE is a country where Islam is practiced, which is the basis of legislation.Hence, strict laws and traditions, which are imposed on tourists. Their non-observance is regarded as disrespect. For this they can be fined or sent to prison. Continue reading

The most terrible places in the world

There are many mystical places on earth that cause people fear and horror. They are filmed on photos and videos, legends tell about them, they are the ratings of the worst of them, and travel companies even sell vouchers to such places. Many of them appeared as a result of natural cataclysms, and some became the fruit of human activity.Mystery and mystery, different spirits and ghosts have been attractive at all times. They are relevant today. Let’s name some of them.

The African Horn or Afar Hollow, located in the countries of Somalia and Ethiopia. The geological activity here is such that the earth is constantly moving and shaking from earthquakes, there is an active volcanic activity, abysses are suddenly forming in different places. Continue reading

Chernobyl want to turn into a tourist paradise. This is real?

This is almost a direct speech of the newly elected President of Ukraine, who officially declared his desire to turn the gloomy monument of a technological catastrophe into the most important landmark of the country. And useful – imagine how much money tourists will bring, whose interest is thoroughly fueled by the recent release of the show of the same name? True, there is a downside.

The growth of tourism, the number of visitors to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the ghost town of Pripyat in the coming years is inevitable. And it’s not just in the series and idle curiosity. Continue reading

Thousands of tourists tend to climb Uluru before closing the sights

Now it’s time for a winter vacation, a very convenient time to travel to the center of the continent, to the legendary Uluru. The huge red cliff, an important landmark of the region, will be closed to the public from October 27, 2019 by decision of the Australian National Parks Authority. And it became a weighty argument for many people to postpone business and climb to the top of Uluru for the first and last time in their lives.

Stewart Highway, the main thoroughfare between South Australia and the Northern Territories, is filled with cars for dozens of miles. Continue reading

Turkey lights the lights

More and more Russians in recent years prefer to relax in Turkey. The Turkish coast beckons them with unbreakable force. Why? In our opinion, the “fault” is at once several significant factors.

Firstly, tourists are attracted by the mild favorable climate, warm sea water, and a great beach holiday. The nature in Turkey is very diverse: for us, living among the scanty landscapes of the Central Russian plain or in the mountains of the Urals, this is similar to heaven on Earth.In addition to the gentle sea, it also has mountains with snowy peaks, from which you can ski down in winter, flowing rivers, steppe highlands, and flowering valleys. Therefore, rest in Turkey is beautiful in any season, and on the western and southern coast is warm and sunny from early spring to late autumn. Continue reading

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